Please note that students may not get off the bus at any stop other than their designated stop without a written note from the parent.

  • Complete silence at all railroad crossings. At red light crossings, noise level must be kept to a minimum.
  • Always follow directions of the driver the first time given.
  • No fighting, pushing or horseplay while riding, waiting for, entering or exiting the bus.
  • While on the bus, remain seated keeping hands, feet and objects to one’s self.
  • No eating or drinking is allowed on the bus, unless you are permitted to do so by the bus driver.
  • No obscenities, screaming, loud voices or disrespect to another person are allowed. Any action that distracts the bus driver endangers all persons on the bus.
  • No unauthorized objects, pets, glass containers, etc., are allowed. Large projects need to have special arrangements made ahead of time for transporting and should be transported by car.