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What is G.A.T.E.?

G.A.T.E. stands for Gifted and Talented Education. The Twain Harte G.A.T.E. program is designed to provide challenging and engaging learning experiences across subjects and grade levels for students that are involved in our program.

Each state establishes recommendations, standards, and funding for servicing the needs of gifted students. Local districts establish their own program to service students. At Twain Harte School we believe that all students deserve an education that challenges them to reach their full potential. The goal of our G.A.T.E. program is to provide rigorous and challenging learning experiences, which support and enhance each gifted student’s particular abilities and talents. The programs will be designed to include ongoing opportunities for critical and creative thinking, problem-solving, and questioning. All goals will be designed to meet or exceed the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) in acceleration, depth, complexity, and novelty.

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